Saturday, 3 October 2015

September favorites/ 2015

September brought a massive change to the energy in the city. Nights got unbearably cold, streets got busier and all of the sudden fruits started tasting like plastic. I know, there wasn't really ever a summer here in Glasgow, so there is not much point of reflecting about the summer we left behind. Still, September felt very strange and unfamiliar, like a big old sweater that you haven't worn for a year and it feels a little bit too heavy on you.
And so I didn't think about it, overwhelmed myself with work, massive wardrobe clear out (not very successful), university preparation, new roles and parties. And it worked! I am the most content now, so let's talk about the month's favorites:

Picture - Crianlarich. Card - Trongate 103.
I adore mountains. So magnificent they stand and let everybody enjoy the views. Have you ever wondered that they might feel lonely, being tied to one place in the world for hundreds of years? What if they don't like their neighboring mountains and find them a little bit shallow or boring? They can't just go and talk to 'the fella over there with the hella good hair'. Yet they still remain calm and gracious (most of the time), let the foggy clouds cover them, rivers flow and people pad around and across them. Mountains empower.
Maybe printables were a thing in 2011, maybe they still are a 'thing', I am not sure. I  used September printable calendar and it helped me so much when arranging work, parties and meetings. If you have a problem of double booking then check the links for those pretty October calendars.

Kenzo Wild/ La Roche-Posay Serozinc/ Rimmel Salon Pro By Kate Nail Polish - 239 Red Ginger/ Earings from Malta and Italy

What helped you to get through September?
Patricija xx

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