Sunday, 23 November 2014

The urban myth of takeaways

Ever since Charlotte in Sex and The City said remarkable "I'm a bad wife. I ordered Chinese", Joey from Friends  cared about pizza way more than about hot pizza delivery girl, Emma from Bride Wars found a ring in her fortune cookie and Mrs. Doubtfire served a fabulous healthy dinner without ever cooking it, I was hooked up with the idea of takeaways. Effortlessly enjoying the meal cooked by someone else while sitting at home in your pyjamas seems like the best kind of plan on Sunday, Monday, ANY day really!
That said, my 2 year experience with takeaways has been... well, rubbish. When living in student halls we would order Domino's pizzas on Tuesdays, but the social aspect of being all together was much more enjoyable that those pizzas. There were numbers of orders and takeaways, but they all have been too spicy, pricey, small or simply forgotten. None of them stood out or made me swear it being the greatest meal in months. None of them until about a week ago.


Not only it was the real version of my dream takeaway, but it also was an absolutely wonderful night. He brought Wudon noodles and nibbles and giant prawn crackers (!!!), I set up the movie and did my happy wiggle dance (just like at fireworks!). We watched Love Actually and enjoyed loads of that delicious and full of flavor food. It's great value for the money and definitely best takeaway I had in Glasgow so far.
What is your favorite takeaway in Glasgow, guys?



  1. I want to visit glasgow some day! :D i'm from California lol :) x

    1. Glasgow is beautiful, you definitely should visit it some day!x