Sunday, 26 October 2014

Lazy Sunday reads - Lena Dunham's book

After all the uni work, numerous articles stuffed with words never understood or even acknowledged and constant computer buzz transmitting tv shows and YouTube clips, occasional buzzfeed video here and there and then it's Sunday. I usually use it as a day to finish all things on to do list and clean up and cook a big meal for a week... Not really, not gonna lie to you. I do nothing that really matters on those grim Sundays. I take a bath, message my friends, organise my socks maybe and read.
I used to be a book-worm geek at school and I want to believe my book loan history is one of the biggest one they have in records. But somewhere in between becoming a student and moving to another country I lost it. I did read occasional book or two on holidays, but that would be it. And that made me feel incredibly empty. Stepping up, getting a degree and education meant a 3 page article in Vogue was the biggest leisure related read I could have handled. It was the time for a change!


Lena's book was something I was waiting for with an excitement and curiosity. A woman who created GIRLS wrote a book full of stories, about love, sex, body, friendship, work and loads of other day to day things we all experience to certain extend. I can't tell you how easy it is to read it, as if you read a friends' letter, a story that happened to her last Tuesday. She mentions family and school and time when she was working on the first girls season in the book, and that makes it all so realistic, as if she has nothing to hide. Although, I am sure she does. We all do.
I love how easy this book is. You choose a single story, a thought, a consideration. You can come back tomorrow or in a year and re-read it and it will bring you new ideas and thoughts.


"There are two types of women in particular, who inspire my envy. The first is an ebullient one, happily engaged from morning until night, able to enjoy things like group lunches, spontaneous vacations to Cartagena with gangs of girlfriends, and planning other people's baby showers. The bigger existential questions don't seem to plague her, and she can clean her stove without ever once thinking, What's the point?(...) The modern version of this is my friend Deb, who loves trying new exercise classes and is able to write for the same four hours every day in the same coffee shop, unconflicted about the creative process. She had a revolving door of casual dinner dates when she was single, before she met her husband and fell in love with him, never once accusing him of not understanding "what it feels like to be me." Deb plans regular weekend getaways to "sexy, delightful" places like Palm Springs and Tulum and is a master at the logistics of dinner parties and doctor's visits. She doesn't seem to worry that she has lupus or cancer. It would be easy for me to jealously dismiss Deb as flighty or superficial, unaware of what's really going on in the world. But Deb's smart and, I told you, I am jealous."


And that got me back into reading. I really want to think so. I really really do. It is so simply genius. Thank you Lena!


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Ultimate hungover breakfast - Full Scottish


I have never felt the need to search for an ultimate hungover foods. Enough water and a good sleep was a perfect cure for any type of alcohol after-effects I have ever experienced. But then, I came to Scotland and was introduced to Freshers' Week, and tequila shots, and sambuca, and chips with curry sauce, and pints of fun, and even after-after-parties. Luckily for me, I was also introduced to a full Scottish breakfast - big, fat, delicious, meat-lover's meal.

I love how you can find it everywhere in cafes, airports and fancy restaurants once comes the brunch time. Most of the time though, I prefer just cooking it myself and adjusting in any way I want. The best part is, that every shop in the country, even the tiniest little one in the middle of Scottish nowhere, will most likely have some square sausage, bacon and freshly baked rolls.

Now, I don't know who was that genius, who decided to put million types of meat on a frying pan, add some beans, potato scones (all my international friends be like - what even is that?) and maybe a roll. But it really does wonders to your body on a dull, scary hungover day. Not only it makes your body so full that you can't think of any other meal for the rest of the day, or maybe even two, it also beats any nasty emotions or feelings you have or ever intended to have on that particular day. And yes, it does also taste wonderful as a non-hungover breakfast! What can be better?


Friday, 10 October 2014

Distressed and worried.

It's okay to be sad, upset or angry. These are emotions and they are there for us to use them.
It's okay to give up, leave and stop a conversation, run away from a party, throw away rubbish meal.
It's okay to do things on your own. Go to movies, cafes and galleries, do sports or go for alone walks.
It's okay to demand attention and care from people that love and care about you.
It's not okay to say sorry, if you don't really feel so.
It's not okay to pretend to be fine.
It's not okay to feel distressed, but lots of us do. I did.

I am overcoming it and it feels wonderful.
Today, World Mental Health Day, try and think of things and people that make you uncomfortable and angry. Leave them in the world of yesterday and go for a walk with a good friend.
Take 3 deep breaths. 
Life is great, and so are you!


Saturday, 4 October 2014

Come back post and tummies full of comfort food

Things have been super busy, fun, exciting and just that a little bit stressing recently. A couple of days ago, however, I had one of the best days in a while with all the things going well, lots of fun, laugh and nice time spent with my lovely peeps. So I thought, it is finally time to go back to blogging and recreate life balance. I've got loads of photos, ideas and plans to share! I am going to start with something very very simple, home-like almost, insanely comforting.


Merchant city is like a west end of city centre. With all the vegan places, art galleries and quirky vintage shops it has such a cool vibe to it, which makes me feel peaceful and very excited at the same time. I wandered those streets quite a few times in September - booking tables, having lunches, going to watch basketball games and just rushing about. One of the places I went to was Russian cafe and gallery Cossachok.


I can go on and on saying how beautiful this cafe/gallery is and how quiet it is inside and on and on and on, but true reason is that it makes me feel a tiny lil bit like home. We watched Lithuanian translation of basketball game, drank Lithuanian beer and had some comfort food. And while I am pretty happy living Scottish kind of life on a regular basis, once in  while it feels incredible to go to places like that!



In case anybody wondered, I had potato pancakes with meat and he had chicken dish with a very fancy name. And yes, those meals do result in food babies, but  I am not complaining!