Saturday, 30 August 2014

Breakfast in Edinburgh: Oink rolls.


I am becoming one of them people afraid of any new places not previously discussed in countless blogs, forums and various Facebook comment sections, I am afraid. After all, I really have to spend my student budget wisely, and oh I do love a good breakfast, lunch, dinner eating out!
Last week in Edinburgh we actually had a very clear food plan, however I got hungry waaaay too early and burgers weren't exactly my dream breakfast at that moment, so we just kept our eyes wide open in hope of spotting something good. And so we did!


We were walking down Victoria Street and I noticed that tiny little rolls' place called Oink and it had a little roast piggy lying in the window (that is clearly a good sign, right?). We both got delish hog roast rolls with haggis and bbq sauce (£3.95 for one) and went on wandering Edinburgh streets. When I think of it, I am honestly surprised how no one have ever thought of putting some roast pork in the morning roll before, as it is a real game-changer!

Oink rolls are simple, tasty and very very filling (we never made it to that burger place after all...). The only drawback is very liquidy bbq sauce dropping on my shoes, and tights, and scarf and everywhere, but what a meal to remember! I might trust my eyes and instincts more often now.


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